Doubt the Doubts

Then Moses answered and said, "But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, 'The LORD has not appeared to you.' " Exodus 4:1

Chapter three of Exodus is an incredible chapter of God’s great promises. Have you read it lately? God promised Moses that He was going to do great things. Like a great orchestral piece, chapter three crescendos with God’s promise that the Israelites will plunder the oppressing nation of Egypt.

What promises! What hope! What inspiration! It’s amazing! Jump to your feet! Cheer! Clap your hands!

And then comes chapter four- the soloist’s blooper… a flat note played loud and clear. Like fingers on a chalkboard. Moses doubts God.  “Are You sure You know what You are doing? Do You know who You are talking to? You couldn’t use me.”

Often times I am like Moses. God ends a chapter with a promise, and I open the next with doubt. So many chapters of my life begin with a doubt, questioning God, and looking at my frailty and my shortcomings. I wonder if God has made a mistake, or if He can see the big picture. More often than not I see that I can’t do it, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have the leadership skills, I’m too messy, I have too many sins, I’m not ready…

Jesus talked about the importance of coming to God with childlike faith- accepting God at His word. You may have seen the bumper sticker that says, “GOD SAID. I BELIEVE IT. THAT SETTLES IT!” As nice as that sounds, I do think that the message is a bit too long. It ought to say, “GOD SAID IT. THAT SETTLES IT!” God promises are yea and amen, whether I believe it or not.

I think it is time to start doubting the doubts. Doubt that they know what they are talking about. Doubt that they have all the facts. Doubt that they have our best intrests in mind. Doubt that they know the future. Doubt that they are right.

Doubt the doubts. Believe God.

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